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Mourn The Chipmunk

It wasn’t my fault.  The stupid little critters seem to make a habit of darting out across the road as fast as their tiny little legs will take them…..which is surprisingly fast.  Much faster than squirrels.  Though I had not seen one do this before, I believe this one attempted to “squirrel,” that ridiculous back and forth stutter when freaked by approaching traffic, which led to his demise.  Just the smallest little thump under my front wheel.  Descending at 35 mph I was not about to stop and confirm but I’m fairly certain there’s one less critter collecting nuts along Academy Hill Rd.  😦DHV2018

My first state ride in nearly two years has checked off the Big Apple state.  Yes, yes, I know it’s really the Empire State.  This was a very late addition to my schedule and in fact I only registered on Saturday, the day before the ride.  It was pricey at $105… and REALLY  Bike New York (BNY)????  Cash only???

Sunday’s weather was cool and gloomy at 7:30 am when we 100-milers started off from


The Mid-Hudson Bridge (for vehicle traffic)

the waterfront in Poughkeepsie, NY, about 80 miles north of NYC.  Rain was in the forecast, particularly for the afternoon, though the temps climbed steadily all day to reach the low 80’s.  What could have been a miserable day to ride actually turned out to be near perfect with no real wind to speak of and the cloud cover for most of the ride kept things from overheating.  No rain until I was already back to my campground.  Yay!


Walkway Over The Hudson.  An old railroad bridge and now converted to pedestrian/cycling Rails To Trails.

Not having ridden nearly as much as I’d planned when I started this “life on the road” adventure of mine I was a bit concerned about this ride.  Not that I wouldn’t finish, but that it would be quite painful.  My longest ride in the past 2 years has been 75 miles, and while that was only a month or so ago, I haven’t even been averaging a ride per week of late.  Turns out I’m apparently in better condition than I thought and certainly better at controlling my ride, not blowing myself up at the start and managing my strengths.  I finished far stronger than I could have hoped, almost exactly on my predicted time given the course (just under 6000 ft of climb), and felt much better than I ever thought I would.  Good Job 👍🏻 👍🏻


One lovely view, with the sun trying to peek out

This is a nice, fun ride.  Put on by the same folks that do the Five Boro Bike Tour in NYC and the Gran Fondo NY, which I did a few years ago, it is well organized, well stocked at the rest stops and a supremely well marked course.  Starting off with a ride across the Walkway Over The Hudson Rails-to-Trails bridge is one of the highlights along with several scenic sections over the exactly 100 miles.  With the climbing it is certainly a challenging, but not soul-crushing, course.

And they have a VERY COOL finisher medal….


I have no idea how I ended up with #2 as a walk-up registrant the day before the ride

Next up, Mt Greylock Century.  Same distance, 50% more climbing.  I’m really worried about that one.