I Bet You Thought I Gave Up

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been here.  Far too long.  But now it’s a new year and there is no way I’m letting another go by without riding some new states off the list. I am finding it somewhat difficult to match up planning out my life on the road and coordinating that with rides.  It has become clear that I’m going to have to do it in reverse order and find the rides first and then plan my travels to them.  However, I’m too far into my planning for this year to adopt that technique, so I’ll just have to fit them in where I can.  That being the case,  I’ve got two planned for 2020 so far.

I’ve got three rides left to complete the New England states.  Unfortunately, I can only get two of them in 2020.  Connecticut is just not cooperating!  Here’s where I’ll be in late summer.  Come join me for a Ride!  They both look FANTASTIC!!!

Farm Ride Main Image-1@2x

They don’t seem to have a logo, but this is on the webpage

In early August, after I watch my NY Yankees beat up on the Red Sox AT Fenway Park, I’ll be in the Amherst, Massachusetts area for The Farm Ride.  This is actually a 3-day event but I’ll only be doing the Century ride on Saturday, August 8th.



Screenshot 2020-01-18 16.26.38In September I’ll have made my way up the coast to Maine for the Maine Lighthouse Ride, starting and ending in South Portland.  Nine lighthouses over 102 miles.  Please, please, please…..no late summer hurricanes or N’oreasters PLEASE!!!

Only 1000 riders allowed in the Maine ride so if you think you actually might like to ride this, I suggest not waiting to long to register.  Registration is currently open for both.

I’m excited for these two rides and looking to squeeze a few more in to 2020.




1 thought on “I Bet You Thought I Gave Up

  1. Stacy

    Way to get back in the saddle! Glad to see this email in my inbox — keep it up and keep moving forward. You can do it! You may even have inspired me to do my own 50-in-50-states. Of what, I’m not sure yet. But seems like a great way to explore this great vast country.




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