An Update

You may have noticed that the two rides I was to have ridden in April have come and gone with nary a word.  In fact I did not ride either of them.

I was all set to ride Tony Serrano Century in Georgia when the weather turned out to Serranobe…. less than ideal.  Yes, yes, these rides go off rain or shine, but now that it’s all just for enjoyment I get to pick and choose just exactly what “conditions” I’m willing to put up with.  Pretty lame, I know.  While getting caught in a rain shower or two is usually fun and quite often refreshingly welcome, getting poured on all day is really just miserable.  I bagged it.

The plan was then to run up to Virginia for a wedding/barn warming celebration, run Issaqueenaback down to South Carolina for Issaqueena’s Last Ride only to head right on back up to Virginia and northward.  This called for some rather strategic thinking.  Issaqueena’s Last Ride has 10,000 ft of climbing.  For you who don’t cycle, that is A LOT of climbing in 100 miles.  I had not ridden 100 miles nor even 5000 ft of climbing in 2 years so I was neither physically nor mentally prepared for that ride.  It would have been a lot of hours driving and a lot of gas to do a ride I wasn’t ready for.  I bagged it.

However, what you will notice, if you follow my other blog, Secondary Roads, is that I got to do a bunch of other really cool stuff instead.  AND, I’ve added some other state rides to the calendar later this summer, up north.

So the march, or pedal, towards 50 is still on.



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