Time To Ride More States

You may have noticed I’ve been away awhile. If you may be wondering why I would point you to my other COMPLETELY FASCINATING site, Secondary Roads. Suffice to say I’ve made some major life changes of the past year and was not able to check any states off the list in 2017.

Now it’s time to get back to my Quest!  Or at least start planning to get back to my quest.

I’ve registered for my first Century of 2018.  Luckily it’s not till April, because it’s a tough one with a whole bunch of climbing.  Now that I live in Florida I’m in decent riding shape but my climbing has fallen off the table.

Issaqueena’s Last Ride!!!!  Issaqueena

She will complete South Carolina.

Hopefully you can also see this on the right side of my homepage under Upcoming Rides.  If not I’m in need of relearning the ins and outs of editing stuff here on WordPress.  It’s not so intuitive.

So continue to look for more exciting updates in the near future!

RIDE ON!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Time To Ride More States

    1. PR-Bike Post author

      Thanks. I’ve looked at the Horsey Hundred and may use that one for Kentucky. NJ Grand Fondo was also great, and pretty difficult. A lot of climbing. Good Luck on your quest as well.




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