Two Humble Requests

I did not intend to put this out for another couple of weeks, but I’m too excited about it all to wait any longer.  My schedule is set and I’ve spent the last week planning registering, and reserving for my 2015 itinerary of rides.  I’ve been training; I have airline tickets and hotel reservations;  I have rider confirmations and rental cars; and now all I need is a little help.

This is the part where I humbly turn to all of you and ask for your help with this journey.  How can you help?  In two simple ways:

  1. Donations.  I’ve set up a GoFunMeaccount to which you can donate.  I don’t like having to ask for money, but the reality is I’m going to need help to make this dream come true.  My GoFunMepage explains it all.  It’s easy, it’s safe, every little bit will help and I can not begin to tell you how much it is appreciated.  If the link to Go Fund Me does not work, you can paste this link directly in to your browser:
  2. Spread The Word.  Who hasn’t seen the power of networking and social media?  Even if you can’t make a donation, you can easily help spread the word so that others might.  Repost this to your Face Book page, send it out on Twitter, forward it to your friends and family, talk about it at work.  However you can think to get the message out.

Every ride I’ve done and every ride I’ve ever seen has had a charitable affiliation.  Some receive proceeds, some require minimum donations or fund raising.  Prostate Cancer, environmental conservation, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, and raising High School graduation rates, are just a few.  By helping me with this you are effectively supporting these charities as well.  When I’m done with all of this, any donations I have left over I will be donating to charity as well.

Thank you all.  Can’t wait to start sharing more stories from the road.

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