What’s Next?

It’s been a banner year.  I’ve ridden 5 Century/Gran Fondo rides and added 3 states to my completed list.  At the moment I don’t have any others scheduled in 2014 and I don’t think there are any out there on my list which will fit in to my schedule.  Doesn’t mean I won’t jump on a pop-up event if I happen to find one…………. where it’s warm, between now and New Years.

That reminds me that I’ve figured out the “Calendar” widget.  The events I intend to ride or for which i have registered will now show up over there on the right.

I’m starting to consider and formulate my calendar of events to ride next year.  However, next year is a big one for me as I will be marking some major personal life changes and my calendar/schedule are likely to be in flux.  That’s somewhat preventing me from laying out a solid plan of events right now.  As things progress I hope I can develop a bit more solid plan.

For the moment, I’m just planning a good solid winter of maintaining my conditioning and getting in to some strength training.  Our winter here in the DC area is projected to be cold and wet, so I’m expecting lots of time on my trainer.  I’ll also be working on my plan to turn this in to the charitable endeavor that I’ve wanted it to be, so I should still have plenty of things to tell you all about.

Happy Halloween!


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