Bringing An Evil Plan Together

Or maybe not such an EVIL plan, but a plan all the same. You may have read on my other blog site (Bike Life) that I have a plan/goal to complete an organized Century Ride or Gran Fondo in each of our 50 states.

If not, you can read it under: My Quest

So far I’ve completed rides in 5 of the 50. More accurately, I’ve completed 5 which meet the criteria I laid out in My Quest. In total, I’ve completed 10, but some were repeats and one was not wholly contained within a single state. Sorry Gran Fondo New York, as great as you were, I can’t count you officially. That just means I get to do another ride in the Empire State.

Now, I have finally created this blog, explicitly devoted to this endeavor.  Follow me through this adventure, on both sites and the map as well. Over the next few months I hope to be developing and announcing my plan to do this all for charity.  And I’ve only just thrown this page up today.  I’m planning additions and much more fun doodads and widgets. Please check back often for all the latest.

And please share this with friends. The more the merrier. 🙂


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